Car Door Seal Strip
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    Product Introduction

    Let me introduce this new B shape car seal strip to you. This new generation B type car seal strip upgraded product to replace D, P, Z and O type car seal strip. With one strip, you could do all.  


    The best in the market.This new generation B type car seal strip upgraded product to replace D, P, Z and O type car seal strip. With one strip, you could do all.

    Why should I use this seal strip

    1. The voice is steady and heavy when switch the car door, eliminate collide sound when closed the car door.

    2. Inhibition of high-speed wind dry, reduce interior noise

    3. Improve vehicle's air-tightness and dust-proof capabilities. 

    4. The optimization engine compartment cooling airflow.

    5. Improve the air conditioning cooling and heating power, to some extent reduce fuel consumption. 


    • ⭐ --This weatherstripping enhances the leakproofness of your car, which makes the door close more tightly. Reduce the noise of wind when you drive your car at high speed. Make your car more sealed so that you could keep your car away from dust, raindrop, and Fog. 

    • ⭐ --An upgraded universal car truck sealer weather striping used to replace other Type D, P, Z, and O stripe. Easy to install and high strength adhesive seal. You just need to push the stripping foam on the rubber sealant above the installed place.  




    【 Noiseproof 】The voice is steady and heavy when switch the car door, eliminate collide sound when closed the car door.

    【 Windproof 】 Inhibition of high-speed wind dry, reduce interior noise, can be controlled 120M/H into 80M/H.

    【 Dustproof】Improve vehicle's air-tightness and dust-proof capabilities.

    【 High and low-temperature resistant】The optimization engine compartment cooling airflow. Improve the air conditioning cooling and heating power, to some extent reduce fuel consumption.

    【Safe】Non-toxic and no risk of air circulation in the car.



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